A Ninebot One Toolbox

© 2016 by Paco Gorina
Version 2. Version 1 doc is available here


9BMetrics is an application for receiving data from a Ninebot One and since version 2.2 amd 2.3 from Kingsong or Gotway unicycle and analyzing and logging it.

The application works in iOS enabled devices with Bluetooth Low Energy and if available uses the GPS and altimeter to complement the wheel information.

If an Apple Watch is connected to an iPhone, the watch works as an instrument for the wheel showing speed, time and distance, remaining battery and remaining distance, your iPhone could be secure in your jacket or backpack and your hands are free.

All information is logged in text files and may be shared by Airdrop, e-mail, Messages, iCloud Drive or other file transfer supported by iOS.

Each session is logged in its own file and stored in the device, and may be recovered at any time. Information is presented graphically.

As such 9BMetrics works as a realtime information dashboard and as a logging device. It's use may help to understand some of the shutdowns, face plants and other accidents, help to better understand the misterys of battery life and give you more insight into your wheel.

Finally Debug Server allows to inspect the messages between the application or other Ninebot compatible application and the wheel. It generates raw text files that may be exported and analyzed later.

This application doesn't allow you to modify ant behaviour of the Ninebot One. Please, use the official application for any settings like riding level or for updates.

I believe in Open Code and Source Code is available under a GPL 3.0 License.

User Information

These menu entries explain how to use the user aspects of the application:
  • Runs Manager
  • Dashboard
  • Graphics
  • Settings
  • Watch
  • Technical Information

    Options and information here is for the more technical user. Explains the Debug Server for analyzing communications of the wheel, explains Log Files format and Ninebot One BLE Protocol and gives acces to the Open Source Code.
  • Debug Server
  • Ninebot Server
  • Log Files formats
  • Protocol Information
  • Variable Information
  • Source Code in GitHub