Ninebot Server

Ninebot Server will load a file with a real Ninebot One E+ run and will start a Bluetooth service and characteristic matching those of the Ninebot One.

When an application subscribes to the characteristic it starts the simulation in real time. All requests of information from the application will be answered in the exact same way as the Ninebot with the data from the simulation, so the application is happy an will show and react the same way as with a real wheel.

This option is perfect for developping applications without the need to jump on the wheel to test it. In following versions the file will be selectable so a library of different conditions may be built.

The small Ninebot One cursor shows the point in the simulation. It will go back to the start when finished (the simulation is looped).

The text area shows the connections and disconnections from the different devices.

The server is stopped when abandoning the screen.

These images show the Ninebot Application running hapily against the server.