9BMetrics v2

Runs Manager

Here you manage your runs.

Each run corresponds to a line and the date and time of it are shown. Also if there is GPS data associated an icon with a sketch of your track is shown at left, if not it is a icon of a Ninebot.

Your Options are

  • Edit Enters Table Edit Mode.
  • New Run Opens the Dashboard and starts recording.
  • Line Info Goes to share panel.
  • Gear Goes to Settings.
  • Clicking in a line reads the log and opens it in the Dashboard.

    Peek and Pop

    Lines suppport peek and pop. Push strong and a window with all the data appears. Move up and two options to share all the track or just the gpx track appear.

    Sharing all track generates a .9bz file (a .9bm package, that is a directory, comrpessed with zip). see file formats.


    Selecting the information icon opens the Sharing Panel :

    It works as standard in iOS with the exception of Export which allows access to iCloud Drive.